Contact with us

What is Q3?
We are a small but very active company.
We are devoted to all type of activities related with the computer science and the electronics.
In a principle
was born like a consultation utility interns to the company, (somehow we had to organize our code remnants), but I was happened to mount an interactive site, more than anything to pick up opinions, ideas, (tricks) and other of people that visits him, (some day I will enable the tricks upload...).
You can see another of the things that we have prepared for Delphi in our site:

Who is that ' Radikal'?
I am. My real name is Inaki López, that of Radikal rather is for my character...
was an idea from me. I had curiosity for the topic of the PERL and of the CGIs...

If you have something to comment us of the site, (or of Q3 or on what is...), send us an email, be what is... there is not worse thing that not to have opinions on your work.

Radikal, 's Webmaster