I don't have the whole time that I would like to dedicate to this, you already know: work, work and more work...
It is the main reason for which I decided to build an interactive site.

If doesn't accept the high of tricks, it is possible that lapses weeks without I have time to give of high new tricks...
For all this I request you your collaboration.
There are several ways in those that you can collaborate with
: sending the tricks and smalls source code that sure you have somewhere around kept in some text file and that you consider interesting, until answering the doubts or petitions that those visitors of the site will making.
Of course I will answer to those doubts that my knowledge and my little time allow it to me, but, I am not any gurú of Delphi. For me it is only a tool (and a hobby) with the one that to capture my ideas and works in Windows.
If for example you believe to be able to improve the site visually... (I neither am a designer... I only toss him patience and I surround myself of all the graphic tools that I can), because you could also collaborate sending me your designs (HTMLs, Graphics, etc).
You must only take as example these pages that you are reading and to send any pages with your ideas.
If you decide, keep in mind that the pages of tricks are generated dynamically through CGIs... that is to say, with which you send me the design of an only trick is sufficient... I will create new CGIs that incorporate the design ...

Another idea that it is about my head it is the one of enlarging the site incorporating tricks of other matters: other languages, games... what is.
So if you have enough material as to begin a new section, and you want to make yourself, contact with me, but think that this needs maintenance... somebody must moderate the messages removing spam and publicities on wonderful pyramidal business and similar dirts that I don't know reason... I sense that they will arrive (they are everywhere!).
I am still developing the program to manage the site off-line... I am in it, at the moment everything the one toils him I make it ' by hand'... huf!

Radikal, 's WebMaster