¿ What is ?

It is an interactive warehouse of tricks.
It is interactive since it doesn't only allow to consult the available tricks until the moment, but rather, also, it allows the users to incorporate his own.
It is also interactive, because it provides space to be able to carry out comments, opinions or what is on each published trick.

Another characteristic that I have wanted to make patent, is that the whole content is in two languages: Spanish and English.
The English that I manage is a written technical English, and it is not as good as I would like it, so that if you see some error in some translation... I would thank you that communicates it to me to be able to correct it.

In a principle,
it only harbors tricks to program in Delphi, but maybe... it could be enlarged with different sections of tricks.
That soon, I am thinking in many others, but, for the time being, I only have in mind to incorporate some of these:

Radikal, 's Webmaster.