Create an temporaly alias in your application  

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Date: 11/07/99

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Alias are stored in the file IDAPI.CFG, and to modify them there is not very good idea, however, we can need an temporaly alias in our application. This trick becomes trained as making one.

Delphi create an TSession object automatically (Session) whenever you use some database in your application. We will only have to use it.

We will use the AddStandardAlias method to create the alias:

 	procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

The methos parameters are:

     	procedure AddStandardAlias(const Name, Path, DefaultDriver: string);

  • Name: Alias Name
  • Path: Alias path
  • DefaultDriver: Driver to use (Paradox, DBASE, or ASCIIDRV)

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