Know in wich control is the mouse over  

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Date: 12/03/00

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  • Put two TLabels in your form (Label1 and Label2)
  • Put a TPopUpMenu and asociate it to the form
  • Put this code in the OnPopUp event of the PopUpMenu:

     procedure TForm1.PopupMenu1Popup(Sender: TObject);
        Cur : TPoint;
        {Al parecer sólo para componentes que puedan recibir el foco}
        {Obtiene la posición del ratón}
        {Obtenemos el nombre del control}
        label2.caption:=FindControl(windowfrompoint( Cur )).Name;
        {Si són tedit o tdbedit muestra el contenido de la edición}
        if FindControl(windowfrompoint( Cur )).ClassType =TEdit then
           label1.caption:=TEdit(FindControl(windowfrompoint( Cur ))).Text;
        if FindControl(windowfrompoint( Cur )).ClassType =TDBEdit then
           label1.caption:=TDBEdit(FindControl(windowfrompoint( Cur ))).Field.AsString;

    When pressing the right button of the mouse, in the Label2 we will obtain the name of the component.
    If it is a TEdit or TDBEdit in the Label1 we obtain the text that is editing.
    I use it in a TDBEdit connected to a " currency " field so that it shows me the conversion of PTA <-->Euro